EU Didn’t Expect Trump’s Decision To Restrict Europeans From Entering USA

European officials said they were stunned by the new restrictions for citizens of European countries on entry into the United States, CNN reported.

« Several European ambassadors in Washington told CNN that they did not know that this would happen, despite having been in contact with the administration over the past few days, » the report said.

The Belgian diplomat told the channel that it was only known that « something would happen, but not so radical » with trips from Europe.

« What is not clear is the exception to the UK and the lack of domestic measures, » he added.

Trump’s administration notified ambassadors after President announced restrictions. European embassies received information about new measures from the State Department after Trump’s statement, but “so far we have not received answers to our questions,” one of the channel’s sources said.

In an appeal to US citizens, Trump announced a decision to ban entry into the country from Europe from March 13.

Exceptions will be made for Americans who have passed appropriate testing for coronavirus, as well as for the UK citizens.

According to the latest data provided by CNN, a total of 1,267 cases of coronavirus infection in 43 states and the District of Columbia were recorded in the United States, 38 people died.


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