EU Crisis Management Commissioner: EU Stockpiles Medicines And Protective Equipment

The European Union has announced creation of a €540 million emergency reserve of medicines and safety gear. The stockpile, according to the EU, contains vaccines, protective equipment, and medicines to treat those who have been exposed to chemical, biological, or nuclear threats.

« We are taking tangible actions to better prepare Europe for future dangers, » said EU Crisis Management Commissioner Janez Lenarčič to Le Figaro in France.

Acquisition of potassium iodide pills, which are intended to combat radiation sickness in the event of radiation poisoning, will be the first stage in the overall action. Mr. Lenarčič stated that three million potassium iodide tablets have already been transported to Ukraine with the assistance of France and Spain. « We’re taking actual actions to better prepare Europe for future dangers, » he noted.

According to unnamed sources and EU papers, European Union countries have decided to enhance their stockpiles of emergency medicine and protective equipment amid the conflict in Ukraine. According to the agency’s sources, EU countries have decided to stock up their protective equipment reserves in response to fears of accidents at Ukraine’s nuclear sites.


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