EU Court Awards €500,000 Fine To Poland For Each Day Of Operation Of Disputed Mine

An EU court in Luxembourg has ordered the Polish authorities to pay a €500,000 daily fine until mining at the Turow mine is halted. The decision to suspend mining was taken by the European Court of Justice as a temporary measure until a ruling is made on the long-running dispute between Poland and the Czech Republic.

The conflict over the Turow mine has been ongoing for several years. It is located in the town of Bogatynia (Dolnośl¹skie region) in south-western Poland, close to the borders with the Czech Republic and Germany.

Prague believes the mine is causing environmental damage to the Czech population. In particular, the mine deprives local farmers of water and causes significant damage to the environment on the Polish-Czech border. In late February the Czech government filed a lawsuit against Poland in the European Court of Justice.

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki earlier said the Turow mine was associated with 4-7% of Poland’s electricity production. According to him, the closure of the mine would have resulted in the dismissal of 5,000 employees and would have caused significant damage to the Polish economy.


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