EU Countries Host 4 Million Ukrainian Refugees

According to Ylva Johansson, the European Commissioner for Home Affairs, the number of asylum petitions in the European Union (EU) will approach 1 million in 2022. She claims that 330 000 unauthorized entry into the EU have also been found. According to her, there are currently 4 million Ukrainian migrants living in Europe.

Following an informal meeting of the EU Home Affairs Ministerial Council, Johansson stated that many EU nations « are feeling migration pressure » due to the flow of migrants from Ukraine. « This occurs because there are more illicit entries, » stated the Commissioner. « Last year, there were 330 thousand illegal entrances. »

Ylva Johansson pointed out that there is no established system for returning people who have been denied asylum. She listed the nations whose citizens enter the EU illegally or request asylum as Bangladesh, Cuba, Egypt, India, Morocco, Pakistan, and Tunisia.

Although the program for hosting Ukrainian refugees was approved in 2001, it wasn’t until after Russia’s military action in Ukraine that it was actually put to effect. According to Johansson, the system for awarding temporary protection to Ukrainian refugees within the EU would continue at least until March 2024. The EU started creating new policies in December in case the number of refugees in the area increased.


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