EU Countries Associations To Create European Fashion Alliance

The European Fashion Alliance, which will address current industry concerns in the area, will be formed by the merger of national associations and regional councils from 18 different European nations.

The partnership will have 21 organizations in total. The association will « represent the fashion sector at the highest level ». The National Chamber of Italian Design, established in 1958 with around 150 members, the French High Fashion Federation, established in 1973 with about 100 fashion businesses, and the German Fashion Council are some of the organizations that belong to it.

The publication states that the European Union will serve as a model for the organizational structure of the European Fashion Alliance. As a result, the association’s president will alternate often and have to adhere to criteria in order to be admitted to the alliance. Like the EU, the organization will also be funded by membership dues, which will vary based on the size and resources available to the group.

The European Fashion Alliance initiative has been under development since 2018. According to WWD, the organization will be run by members of the German Fashion Council by the end of 2023. The alliance’s manifestos are now being finalized by the organization’s founding members, according to the initiative’s writers. They will represent the alliance’s primary goals, which include expressing a unified stance on the EU’s fashion and textile sector as well as environmental and sustainable development policies.


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