EU Countries Agree On Measures To Reduce Tensions At Internal Borders

At a video summit on Tuesday, EU leaders agreed on the need to promptly remove congestion on the EU’s internal borders that arose after several countries closed their borders to prevent the spread of coronavirus, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.

“Too many people are stuck at the borders, they cannot get home, and they need help getting back. There are unacceptable traffic jams in which trucks stay idle. We need these goods for the functioning of the EU internal market,” she said.

Head of the European Commission noted that the idea of « green corridors » for quickly passing goods across internal borders received wide support from all the leaders of the Union countries.

The problem of cross-border workers also requires a speedy solution. For example, most Luxembourg hospital staff live in France and Germany. For hours they are waiting at the border to get to work or home.

Von der Leyen added that she « spoke a lot on the phone with the Polish Prime Minister about tensions on the Polish borders » – both about organizing « green corridors » for trucks, and about helping those stuck at the border.

“These are people from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. They need a corridor through Poland to return home,” she added.

Ursula von der Leyen noted that the video summit supported the directives drawn up by the European Commission, designed to relieve tension at those borders where border control is established.

“Control should be more flexible, more targeted, leave the way for the flow of goods and for those people who urgently need to cross the border,” she said.

Head of the European Commission added that “some time will pass” before control at the internal borders will be lifted.

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