EU Council Adopts Responses to China’s Actions in Hong Kong

On Tuesday, the Council of the European Union adopted an EU-wide package of responses to China’s actions in Hong Kong.

In its ruling, the EU Council « expressed grave concern » about the Hong Kong National Security Law passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on June 30, 2020. It « reaffirmed support for Hong Kong’s high degree of autonomy, one country, two systems » and expressed solidarity with the people of Hong Kong.

The “agreed response package” includes, among other things, changes in migration and visa policies of the EU countries. Restrictions are imposed on the export to China of equipment and technology that can be used in Hong Kong for repression or cyber surveillance.

At the same time, funding opportunities for scholarships and academic exchanges involving students and universities in Hong Kong will be expanded. The EU will support Hong Kong civil society. Union members will review their extradition practices and other treaty obligations regarding Hong Kong.

The EU Council calls for a review of the implementation of China’s national security law and the impact of the EU response package by the end of the year.


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