EU Approves Moderna’s Vaccine For Adolescents

The European Medicines Agency has approved the use of Moderna’s coronavirus drug Spikevax to vaccinate adolescents aged 12-17 years, according to the company’s website.

The recommendation for the use of Spikevax vaccine for those aged 12-17 years is the same as for those over 18 years, » it said.

The vaccination is administered in two stages with an interval of four weeks. Before allowing the use of the vaccine, the EMA analysed a study involving 3,700 adolescents. It showed that they develop the same number of antibodies as people aged 18-25 years. The side effects were found to be the same as in adults: fatigue, headaches, muscle pain, inflammation at the injection site and others.

The manufacturer has not been able to identify any new side effects when vaccinating children. This was due to the small number of adolescents involved in the study. Nevertheless, the European regulator believes that the benefits of using the vaccine outweigh the risks in this age group, especially for teenagers with diseases that can lead to a severe course of infection.


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