EU Ahead Of US In Developing New Hydrogen Technologies

According to a report released by the IEA and EPO, the EU and Japan have overtaken the rest of the world in terms of new hydrogen development patent applications.

EU nations issued 28% of international integrated patents (IPFs) in this area between 2011 and 2020. In the same time frame, Japan received 24% of all IPFs for hydrogen technology. The only nation to have seen a decrease in the number of patents submitted for novel hydrogen technologies over the study period is the US, which is in third position with 20%.

Among the top five were South Korea (7% of global patents), China (4%), the UK (3%) and Canada (2%). With 11% of all patents ever awarded worldwide, Germany leads the EU in the development of innovative hydrogen technology. The Netherlands (3%), in second place, is followed by France (8%). A total of 8% IPF has been distributed to all other EU nations.

Hydrogen technology has been granted the most patents. Although twice as many patents have been awarded for less conventional hydrogen applications, developers are also taking great effort to guarantee that all segments manufacturing, transporting, and using hydrogen fuel generate no emissions or very little.

The automobile and chemical industries are two of the sectors setting the pace in the development of novel hydrogen technology.

Universities and research institutions are likewise quite productive, accounting for 13% of all patents.


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