EU Agrees To Introduce Electronic Vaccination Certificates

EU member states have expressed agreement on the need to introduce electronic vaccination certificates against the coronavirus COVID-19, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said. She also expressed the hope that they will be developed by summer.

« An important point was the introduction of digital proof of vaccination. The consensus here is that we need something like this, » Merkel told reporters after the first day of the summit.

The German Chancellor said the EU member states would first develop such certificates and then the European Commission would make them « compatible » to ensure they could be used in all EU countries. « Thus, with the additional information, travel within the EU will be possible, and it may also become a basis for entry into the EU from third countries, » she added.

According to Angela Merkel, the European Commission will need about three months to create the necessary technical conditions. « There is hope that it will be ready before the summer, » she said.

At the same time, the head of the European Council, Charles Michel, said that the EU countries have not yet agreed on when such certificates will come into force and for what purpose. « Today, the issues of certificates were discussed in great detail. After many hours of negotiations we were able to make a step forward towards greater understanding on this issue. But this does not mean that all issues have been resolved, there is still work to be done, » he said.

A month earlier, EU countries had agreed on a unified approach to the issuing of vaccination certificates. It was a question of which common elements could be excluded from these certificates.


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