EP To Allocate €145 Million In Assistance To Moldova

According to Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan, the Plenum of the European Parliament has officially decided to approve another €145 million in financial aid for Moldova.

The European Commission voted to give Moldova macrofinancial support in the amount of €145 million at the end of January; the European Parliament must now accept this decision. It was adopted by the European Parliament’s commissions in April.

« The European Parliament’s Plenum voted decisively in favor of providing Moldova with €145 million in macrofinancial support. The decision was approved with 561 votes in favor, 43 against, and 20 abstentions, demonstrating once more the European Parliament’s unanimity in supporting Moldova. »

The politician pointed out that the proposal was considered by the European Parliament as swiftly as possible, which facilitated the quick adoption of the resolution. The MEP emphasized that Europe must continue and strengthen our support for the government in Chisinau.

source: reuters.com

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