Enel Sets Market Capitalisation Record

Enel set a new record in market capitalization. Now it exceeds €90 billion, confirming its position as the leading company in the Italian market and the leading player in the electricity sector in Europe.

The record was made possible thanks to the success of the sustainable and integrated business model adopted in 2015, enabling the group to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the energy transition.

Enel is an international energy operator and a serious player in the world’s electricity, gas and renewable energy market. It is the biggest energy company in Europe in terms of EBITDA from ordinary activities.

The group operates in more than 30 countries and generates electricity from more than 87 GW of managed capacities. Its network reaches over 2.2 mln km and extends to some 74 million commercial and residential end-users worldwide.

In addition, the company is the leading operator in the electric transport sector, with more than 140 000 public and private electric vehicle charging points worldwide.

source: reuters.com

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