EC Urges Farmers to Hedge Against Climate Change

The European Commission reported on its efforts to prevent climate change. The MEPs demanded that Brussels fulfill its promise to ensure Europe’s greenhouse neutrality by 2050, that is, reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the level of absorption.

Farmers are being warned about the dire effects of climate change on their land and pasture. The European Environment Agency predicts a sharp decline in productivity and even abandonment of cultivation of some crops. It is estimated that wheat and corn production in southern Europe will fall by half by 2050.

Head of the Union of European Agricultural Cooperatives offers several options for preventing disaster:

“Use less oil, put clean engines on the equipment, increase efficiency of machines,” advises Thomas Magnusson. “It is also very important to update agricultural technology.”

Industries will have to adapt to changing environmental conditions. In the north, they can become even more favorable. Non-governmental organizations are urging farmers to diversify their production, and the European Union is calling to change the general agricultural policy.

“This policy has so far forced farms to become larger and more industrialized,” says Marco Contiero of Greenpeace Europe. – “As a result, there will be more and more monocultural fields. And when this culture suffers from drought or other climatic shock, the whole farming system will fail.”


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