EC Representative: COVID-19 Vaccine is the Only Solution to the Crisis

In the opinion of Peter Piot, counselor to the president of the EC, waiting for a universal immunity from the novel coronavirus will end up with millions of deaths; the only solution is a vaccine.

It would take immense efforts and a long time to wait for the collective immunity of the COVID-19 coronavirus, and millions of people would die. The only hope would be creation of an appropriate vaccine, said the representative of the EU speaking on the struggle against COVID-19.

As the figures were reduced by half compared to spring, Piot also defined the rate of mortality in the second pandemic wave as a positive trend. According to him, this resulted in a greater understanding of how to fight the illness is now open to medics.

It has previously been stated that, because of the spread of the virus, self-isolation regimes are being enforced in Germany and France.


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