EC Recommends EU Countries To Abolish « Golden Passports »

The European Commission proposed that EU member states consider revoking European passports previously awarded to citizens of Russia and Belarus who were sanctioned. A spokesperson of the European Commission stated this at a briefing in Brussels.

« To address the concerns, the European Commission also advises today that EU member states consider whether it is necessary to reverse citizenship choices made under the ‘golden passports’ scheme for Russians and Belarusians who are on the sanctions lists for Ukraine, » she said.

Europe is concerned that Russians and Belarusians who are subject to sanctions or are « obviously supporting » the special operation in Ukraine may have previously obtained citizenship or privileged access to the EU through the « golden passports » scheme, which includes freedom of movement within the Schengen area.

The European Commission also suggested that member states immediately cease all existing citizenship-for-investment (« golden passports ») programmes and establish explicit measures to assess the risks inherent in the agreed suggestion.


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