EC: Only Six EU Countries Are Blocking Russian Assets

Of the 27 EU members, just six are actively engaged in preventing Russian assets from entering European territory, said Didier Reynders, the justice commissioner for Europe.

« This effort is being done by the six member states. In our current position, some nations give us a lot of information, while others give us very little, » he commented.

Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Austria, and Luxembourg are the countries that are actively banning Russian assets, according to Reynders. They represent €12.7 billion ($12.8 billion) of total €13.9 billion ($14 billion) frozen across the European Union.

Some countries have seen a « substantial rise » in the amount of frozen Russian assets as a result of the alliance’s creation of a special working group to strengthen coordination on asset freezing, but other nations are refusing to cooperate with European authorities, according to the commissioner.


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