EC Notes Europe’s Critical Dependence On Chinese Resources

According to Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, the EU is more than 90% dependent on China for the provision of essential resources; therefore, it is imperative to diversify supplies from unreliable sources.

« The transition to a climate-neutral and digital economy definitely requires critical resources. These minerals are necessary for the creation of batteries, chips, solar cells, electric automobiles, phones, and electric vehicles. Without them, we would be lost. In the upcoming decades, there will be a substantial increase in demand for essential resources, » said von der Leyen speaking to MEPs at a plenary session in France.

She claims that China provides many essential resources to the EU at a rate of more than 90%. « The pandemic and the conflict showed us how painful overdependence can be, » she continued. She used Canada as an example, saying that in order to be independent, Europe desperately needs to diversify its supply chains with reputable like-minded partners.


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