EC Head: EU Increasingly Approves Of Macron’s Desire For « Autonomy » From the U.S.

According to Charles Michel, President of the European Council, more and more European leaders are in favor of French President Emmanuel Macron’s goal for « strategic autonomy » from the United States. He claimed that compared to a few years ago, « there has been a leap forward with regard to strategic autonomy » for European nations, but he did not tell who specifically supported Paris’ viewpoint.

« It is obvious that there may be complex and delicate themes for members of the European Council when it comes to the issue of relations with the United States. Emmanuel Macron speaks in a way that several European politicians do not. I believe that many people share Emmanuel Macron’s viewpoint, » Mr. Michel stated on the French television program La Faute l’Europe, according to Politico.

France’s president stated that, in his opinion, Europe shouldn’t become involved in the dispute between the United States and China over Taiwan on April 9 while on a visit to China. He contends that the European Union’s (EU) member states should prioritize their own interests over those of other nations in all parts of the world. On security and energy-related problems, he added, the EU shouldn’t be « led by the U.S. »


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