EC Criticises Travel Restrictions In Six EU Countries

The EC declared a warning to six European Union states. The statement relates to the fact that their COVID-19-related border restrictions might disrupt free movement within the union. The letters sent to Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Sweden, note the threat of « fragmentation and disruption to movement and supply chains », the commission spokesman told reporters.

The EC is concerned that the restrictions exceed the recommendations made 4 months ago in seeking a « proportionate » equilibrium between keeping down the infection spread and maintaining free movement. The commission is giving countries several days to answer, failing which proceedings could theoretically be launched for breaking of EU law.

Germany, however, has firmly refused the idea. « I refuse the accusations, » Michael Roth, Minister of European Affairs of Germany, told in Brussels. He added Germany took a « difficult » decision out of fear of very contagious variants of the coronavirus and due to Germany’s position as a « transit state at the heart of the EU ».


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