EC Condemns Hungary And Poland bans On Ukrainian Grain Imports

Hungary and Poland banned the import of Ukrainian agricultural products on April 15. According to the European Commission, trade policy unilateralism by EU member states is inadmissible.

EC spokesperson commented: « In such difficult times it is critical to coordinate and work out all solutions together with the European Union, » according to Reuters. The representative asserted that all the EU’s members share « exclusive competence » over trade policy.

The majority of Ukraine’s grain exports before the war went through Black Sea ports. Following the start of the conflict, the EU removed import taxes on Ukrainian agricultural products, enabling grain exports by land. Farmers in Poland and Hungary were dissatisfied because the prices of their goods fell.

The sanctions on Poland and Hungary remain in effect until June 30. The Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture responded by accusing Poland of breaking the deal and claiming that « for Ukrainian farmers » the situation is « the most difficult. »


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