EC Chair Speaks Out In Favor Of Balanced Trade With China

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen stated during a press conference following the EU-China summit that the EU is not going to give up commerce with China and that instead it wants to become more independent of supply from one nation.

« Europe is not interested in breaking apart from China. There are reasons why Europe and Russia have parted as we have witnessed. In order to lower risks, we must manage them, avoid overdependence by strengthening and diversifying our supply networks, create more secure channels, and boost our resilience, » the speaker stated.

« I am pleased that we agreed with Xi Jinping on this topic – trade between us must be balanced, » von der Leyen noted.

She claims that because of China’s « overcapacity, » « different regions to close to Chinese goods » are brought into the worldwide market, which in turn causes an even greater influx of Chinese goods into the European market.


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