Der Tagesspiegel: German Finance Minister May Be Stripped Of Parliamentary Privilege

According to sources cited by the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, Christian Lindner, the finance minister of Germany, may lose his parliamentary privilege from prosecution in the German parliament.

The newspaper writes that the Minister is suspected of promoting a private bank where he twice obtained a loan. If his privilege is revoked, he might get a fine or a sentence of up to three years in prison.

The newspaper claims that the Berlin prosecutor’s office may ask the Bundestag to open an investigation into Christian Lindner for illegally obtaining personal gain.

The minister lauded the BBBank’s business strategy and thanked its management on its anniversary in a video he produced in May 2022. However, Mr. Lindner omitted the fact that he borrowed €1.65 million from the BBBank for home purchase and renovation, and the minister is said to have obtained a further €450 million loan from the bank later.

The BBBank press office declined to comment on this information. According to Christian Lindner, he received the loans on the same terms as everyone else in the market.


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