Denmark Withdraws Permit for Building Baltic Pipe

The Danish Environmental and Food Appeals Board has revoked the permit granted by the Environmental Board for the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline.

« On the twelfth of July 2019, the Danish Environmental Protection Authority issued an environmental permit for Baltic Pipe. On 31 May 2021, the Environment and Food Appeal Board refused to issue the permit, » the statement said.

The decision means that the construction of Baltic Pipe will be suspended. The reason for the decision was that the Environmental Protection Agency had not sufficiently examined the issue of wildlife protection when laying the pipeline. The deputy director and head of construction projects at Energinet, Marian Kaagh, said the project could « not but cause a nuisance » due to its scale.

The Baltic Pipe gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland has been planned to be commissioned in 2022 with an undisclosed capacity of at least five billion cubic metres per year. The Polish authorities are promoting it as a replacement for the Russian-German Nord Stream 2 project, which runs under the Baltic Sea and has a capacity of 55 billion cubic metres per year.


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