Denmark Will Require Migrants To Work For Social Benefits

The Danish authorities will oblige some categories of migrants to work 37 hours a week in order to maintain the ability to receive social benefits. This was announced by Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, reports BBC News.

The politician pointed out that the new rules will primarily affect women of « non-Western origin » who live on benefits. « We want to introduce a new logic of work in which people are obliged to contribute and be useful, and if they can’t find a permanent job, they have to work on their allowance, » she stressed.

Frederiksen said that six out of 10 women who come from Turkey and the Middle East do not work. According to her, Denmark has for too long provided a « disservice » to migrants, not demanding anything from them in return. BBC News notes that in recent years, Denmark has repeatedly tightened its migration policy, and to date the country has some of the strictest rules in Europe.

On August 31, Danish Immigration Minister said that refugees from Afghanistan should stay in their region and not go to Europe. He called for increased protection of the European Union’s external borders. According to the politician, citizens should receive all necessary assistance from the international community while staying in their region.


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