Denmark To Lift All COVID-19 Restrictions From September 10

Danish authorities have decided not to extend the « socially dangerous disease » status of COVID-19, which expires on September 10, according to the website of the country’s Ministry of Health.

This is due in part to widespread vaccination and in part to tight control of the epidemic, the ministry says.

« The epidemic is under control, we have a record high vaccination rate. So on September 10, we can waive some of the rules we had to put in place to fight COVID-19, » said Health Magnus Heunicke.

He noted that the government, as promised, will not keep the restrictions longer than necessary. The minister added that despite the favorable environment, the epidemic has not yet gone away. Therefore, if necessary, the government will not hesitate to quickly adopt new measures.

Denmark was one of the first European countries to impose restrictions on March 11 last year, writes the Financial Times. In February this year, the state was among the first in the world to present a plan for the introduction of so-called covid-passports, and in May it lifted most of the bans, the newspaper specifies.

Now the country retains some anti-covid measures: in particular, to visit nightclubs and public events it is necessary to obtain a special certificate. However, in two weeks, along with the « socially dangerous » status of the coronavirus disease, they will cease to apply.


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