Denmark Joins EU Defense Policy

Denmark has formally informed the European Union (EU) of its intention to join the EU’s defense strategy. Josep Borrell, the EU’s foreign policy leader, said this as he arrived in Luxembourg for a meeting of EU foreign ministers.

Mr. Borrell added, « Today, the ministers will celebrate Denmark’s entrance to the European Defence Policy ».

Denmark was the only EU member state that did not participate in the formation of the union’s shared defense and security strategy. This has been the country’s position for the past 30 years. Two-thirds of Danes voted in favor of repealing the defense clause in a referendum on June 1, implying that they would not participate in determining EU defense policy.

EU members agreed to raise defense spending at the end of May. Josep Borrell stated that the EU needed to build its own armed forces in order to secure regional security. The conversation began with Russia’s military action in Ukraine as a backdrop.


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