Deloitte Values The Colosseum At €77B

According to the global consulting firm Deloitte, the Colosseum, one of the most well-known examples of ancient Roman architecture, is worth €77 billion (about $79 billion). The company’s report was made public on its website.

The Colosseum’s worth is determined by a number of variables, including its economic impact on the nation, the indirect benefits of using the amphitheater, and its value as a « social asset » (i.e., the Colosseum’s value to society).

According to experts, the Colosseum, the top tourist destination in Italy, adds around €1.4 billion to the nation’s GDP each year. The researchers then determined an indirect value of using the monument, which was around €400 million.

The value of the enjoyment associated with seeing or being close to the Colosseum, as stated by the corporation, « is proven by the high price of real estate in the area of this place, » according to Deloitte experts.

The Colosseum’s « social asset » value, or the value society places on the amphitheater’s survival, is the remaining €75 billion. Deloitte researchers conducted an online poll to find out how much respondents were willing to spend on the upkeep and preservation of the Colosseum in order to gather this data.


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