Czech President Zeman: Europe’s Environmental Policies Are Driving Us Into Poverty

The European Commission’s plan, known as the Green Deal or « Green Deal », could lead to energy poverty and lower living standards, Czech President Miloš Zeman said in a New Year address to fellow citizens.

« One of the dangers that has emerged above all in Europe is the so-called Green Deal. Out of an originally serious science called ecology, a religion has emerged. » – he said.

« The Green Deal for Europe prescribes that we must stop heating with natural gas in 2030 and not drive cars with internal combustion engines from 2035. All this would undermine our energy sector by causing energy poverty, leading to lower living standards and economic indicators, » Zeman said in a speech broadcast on national TV channels.

The EC launched the Green Deal in December 2019, a project aimed at moving towards greener living in the EU, under which the EC intends to introduce a range of initiatives and bills in the coming years.

These will, among other things, aim to make the EU economy climate neutral by the middle of this century.


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