Cyprus Parliament Speaker Resigns over Golden Passport Scandal

Demetris Syllouris, Cyprus House of Representatives President, is stepping down amidst a scandal over several violations related to a programme of Golden Passpors, the Cyprus Mail reported.

Syllouris told that his resignation would prevent some from stating that his work in Parliament is impeding the organization’s work. He also noted that he is ready to give up his immunity in the Parliament if it helps investigate the case.

Earlier this week Al Jazeera published a report about alleged involvement of some senior Cypriot politicians, officials, developers and lawyers in a scheme that helps criminals receive Cyprus passports for investments. The newspaper that Syllouris was one of those officials who expressed their desire to participate in the scheme. In addition, Al Jazeera also told about Christakis Giovanis, a Cypriot parliamentarian who also resigned.

The findings instigated protests in Cyprus. Protesters are demanding that Syllouris and Giovanis step down. « First, we want resignations; second, we want a criminal investigation; and third, we want to prove that not all those who live in Cyprus are corrupt, » said organiser of the protest Alexandra Attalides.


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