CureVac Forges Alliance With Bayer

Another alliance has been formed for the mass production and global distribution of a coronavirus vaccine. On January 7th, German biotech company CureVac announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with Bayer, one of Germany’s pharmaceutical market leaders.

It will provide support and services to the developer of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, CVnCoV, for its phase III clinical trials, for its registration and production, as well as for its promotion within the EU and in selected markets outside of the EU. In the case of certification, CureVac will remain the holder of the registration certificate, but Bayer has been given the option to register the vaccine in its own name in other countries.

CureVac’s decision to enter into an alliance with Bayer indicates that the company has entered a crucial phase in the development of its vaccine and is starting to make concrete preparations for its registration and release. The partners would hardly have announced the collaboration without the encouraging interim results of the third phase of the CVnCoV vaccine clinical trial, which began on 14 December 2020 with 35,000 participants after six months of initial testing.

There are special hopes with this vaccine in Germany and across the EU. In November 2020, the EU ordered 405 million doses from CureVac – more than any other manufacturer. In addition, Brussels gave the company an €80 million loan back in the spring of 2020 and the German government even invested in its capital by buying shares worth €300 million. All this came after rumours emerged that US President Donald Trump was trying to secure exclusive rights to the use of its vaccine in America for a large sum in advance.


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