Crypto AG Case: Swiss Intelligence Was Aware of Crypto AG’s Ties to Foreign Intelligence for Decades

A delegation of parliamentary management committees in Switzerland published the final report on the Crypto AG case.

The delegation concluded that the Swiss intelligence service had been aware of the company’s links to foreign intelligence since 1993 and that it was secretly controlled by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and German intelligence.

In February this year, the media reported that the CIA and German intelligence with the help of the Swiss company Crypto had access to secret correspondence from more than 120 countries for almost 50 years.

The company has been producing encryption equipment since the Second World War, and the operation to distribute it was called « Rubicon ». When the company became a leader in the encryption market, its customers list included the governments of Iran, Argentina, India, Pakistan, the Vatican, Libya and other countries. The USSR and China did not cooperate with Crypto AG.

The report notes that from a legal point of view, Crypto AG did not violate Swiss law. However, the fact that the Swiss intelligence service did not inform the authorities about Crypto AG’s relations with the American CIA, the NSA and the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) until 2019 was considered « unfortunate » by the delegation.

At the same time, Le Temps newspaper claims that not only Crypto AG worked with foreign intelligence, but also its « sister companies » Infoguard and Baar, whose activities were also of interest to the CIA and BND.


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