Croatia Wants To Become Energy Hub For Central Europe

According to Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic, Croatia, with its Adriatic Oil Pipeline (JANAF) and LNG terminal, has the potential to become an energy hub for supplying all of Central Europe in the face of Russian sanctions.

« Croatia’s viewpoint has always been clear. We support the sixth round of sanctions, as well as what we agreed at Versailles: a progressive withdrawal from Russia’s use of fossil fuels and development of an alternative network that will offer supplies for everyone. When it comes to oil, we propose that nothing be changed until the end of this year, with a transition phase beginning in 2023, » Croatia’s prime minister told reporters.

« We need to invest in oil pipelines, gas pipelines, create a whole network that would be operational, connected, and efficient, » Plenkovic said, pointing out that energy dependence on Russia, which many EU countries have had for decades, « cannot be resolved overnight, » so negotiations will continue.

« JANAF, which transports oil from the port of Omisalj to the continent, is capable of fully supplying the enormous volumes of oil required by Hungary’s refineries… The question is not where the oil pipeline comes from, but how much oil costs « Croatia’s prime minister stated.


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