Bundesbank Sees No Signs Of Sustained Improvement In Germany’s Economy

The central bank of Germany released a statement stating that there are still no indications of a persistent recovery in the country’s economy.

The nation averted a possible recession in the first quarter, according to the Bundesbank, because of a minor rebound in important industrial sectors, although the outlook for the economy is still uncertain.

In comparison to the previous three months, Germany’s GDP decreased by 0.3% in the fourth quarter of 2023. The economy’s volume showed no change in the second or third quarters.

Preliminary first-quarter data will be made available on April 30. On average, analysts expect a 0.1% growth in GDP.

In its monthly report, the Bundesbank stated that « the German economy has improved slightly, but a full recovery is not yet assured. »

The anticipated expansion in January–March 2024 was aided by improvements in a variety of industrial sectors, higher exports of goods (a crucial component of the nation’s manufacturing-oriented economy), and milder February weather, which aided in the recovery of the construction industry.

source: dw.de

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