Bulgarian Government Prepares For Farmers’ Protests

The Bulgarian administration hopes for dialogue but is ready for widespread farmer demonstrations, said Prime Minister Nikolai Denkov at a special briefing in Sofia. Earlier, agrarians issued an ultimatum demanding the administration reverse the Parliament’s vote to permit the import of agricultural products from Ukraine.

« In order to understand their issues and make choices, the government is prepared for a discussion with representatives of agricultural organizations. The primary issue raised by the demonstrators has been resolved; as part of a deal with Ukraine, export limitations on specific goods would be put in place to prevent issues for farmers in each individual nation, » Denkov stated.

Head of the government observed that the demonstrators turned down their request for dialogue and issued an ultimatum, threatening a blockade and causing issues for other citizens of the nation. Prime Minister emphasized that « we remain open and prepared to resume the discussion at any moment, if they are also ready to engage in a constructive dialog with us. »

source: reuters.com

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