British Airways Staff Prepare For Massive Strike This Summer

British Airways (BA) ground personnel at Heathrow airport voted to strike over a dispute with the firm over working conditions, according to The Guardian, which raises concerns that Britain’s transportation crisis might get worse.

Both the GMB and Unite unions are represented by the employees in question. Around 95% of GMB members who participated in a vote are in favor of a strike calling for a salary increase. On Monday, Unite will conclude the survey of its participants. In the upcoming days, the precise dates of the strike will be decided. According to the article, British Airways ground personnel will probably go on strike before the conclusion of the summer break.

In order to save expenses and get it through the challenging time, BA ground personnel are requesting from the airline a 10% salary increase, which is the amount it reduced during the pandemic. But as GMB notes, the UK’s COVID limitations have long ago been repealed, and top managers’ pay has already reached its pre-pandemic levels, while the pay for ground personnel has stayed constant.

BA management emphasized that while continuing to experience significant losses, the firm offered ground employees a one-time incentive payment equal to 10% of their earnings. The offer was declined by the unions.


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