Boris Johnson Warns EU Of New Trade War

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has threatened European countries with a new trade war, Bloomberg writes. The reason for this could be a legal conflict around the supply of goods to Northern Ireland.

The question is about possible suspension of the part of the Brexit agreement related to supplies to Northern Ireland. This part of the UK borders Ireland, which remains part of the EU. Under the previous arrangements maintained during Brexit, the two territories have free movement of people and goods.

On the sidelines of the G7 summit in the British county of Cornwall, Johnson said London could proceed unilaterally if Brussels does not compromise.

The Brexit agreement provides for Northern Ireland to gain dual status while remaining part of the UK and EU customs territory. Because of this, goods entering there from the rest of the kingdom are subject to customs inspection.

A grace period is in place until the end of June, allowing foodstuffs to avoid declarations. London unilaterally extended it for goods of animal origin, but Brussels retaliated by appealing to the EU court, pointing to violations of the Brexit agreement.


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