Barcelona Authorities Ban Pro-Catalonia Yellow Ribbons On Buildings

Barcelona authorities began to remove yellow ribbons and posters from state and municipal buildings in support of convicted Catalan politicians involved in organizing a referendum on the independence of the region. After their detention in 2017, these ribbons appeared everywhere, which even caused environmental discontent (the ribbons are often made of plastic).

According to El Mundo, the « cleaning » started after one of the courts in Barcelona banned the placement of these symbols on the facade of the town hall and other state and municipal buildings. As noted in the verdict, their demonstration violates the neutrality that civil servants must adhere to regardless of the political position of individual officials, including the highest level.

It is noteworthy that the « yellow ties » did not disappear from the streets of Catalan cities, even on the eve of the elections in the spring of 2019. Then the CEC also emphasized that only parties can use nationalist symbols in the pre-election period, and the authorities must observe strict neutrality. Only the threat of removal from power forced the head of the Generalitat Quim Torra to give in to the demands. Later, however, he called on citizens to leave the ribbons on the balconies in protest against the actions of Madrid (the trial of politicians at that moment was in full swing).

Recall, the yellow ribbons are used to express discontent around the world. In Catalonia, they appeared everywhere in 2017 in protest against the detention of the most influential Catalan politicians involved in organizing a referendum on the independence of the region, holding of which was prohibited by the Constitutional Court.


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