Austria Opens Restaurants and Cafes, €500M Allocated to Help

Austrian food enterprises are resuming work on Friday after two months of downtime due to restrictive measures to control the spread of coronavirus.

On April 14, Austria began the step-by-step abolition of the restrictive measures introduced to combat coronavirus. At the moment, all shops, hairdressers and beauty salons are open. The self-isolation regime was canceled from May 1. However, citizens are required to observe a distance of at least a meter in public places. They also have to wear a mask in transport and shops.

Museums and libraries are opening with restaurants on May 15. From May 29, hotels will open, but large-scale public events will remain banned at least until the end of August. Control at the border with neighboring countries was extended until May 31.

The Vienna administration decided to stimulate the return of metropolitan restaurants to life. According to the mayor of the Austrian capital Michael Ludwig, every family living in Vienna will receive vouchers from the city in the amount of €25 or €50 for going to restaurants.

According to Ludwig, one-person households will receive a €25 voucher worth, and those that include several people – €50. In total, Vienna allocated €40 million for this action, provided that all vouchers are used.

The action extends to nine thousand restaurants and coffee houses. From mid-June to the end of September, 950 thousand households in the city will receive free vouchers for visiting them.

The Austrian government is also actively participating in the initiative: Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced that the authorities would allocate €500 million to food enterprises to help them overcome the crisis.


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