Australia Leaks French President Text Messages To Media Over AUKUS Scandal

France has accused Australia of leaking text messages from French President Emmanuel Macron to Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

The leaked messages were meant to expose the former as lying about a submarine deal with a French Naval Group consortium that Canberra has broken up. This was reported by France 24.

Australian media, which have seen the correspondence, said that Macron knew the Australian authorities were planning to tear up the deal two days before the official announcement.

« Should I brace myself for good or bad news on our submarine treaties? » – he wrote in a message to Morrison. That said, Macron himself repeatedly insisted that what had happened had come as a surprise.

Australia broke a $66 billion submarine construction contract with France after a new defence and security partnership was signed between it, the US and Britain.

The alliance involves building nuclear-powered submarines for the Australian Navy over 18 months. The treaty is called AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, United States).


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