Amsterdam Mayor Proposes Banning Sale Of Marijuana To Tourists

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema wants to ban foreign tourists from visiting one of the city’s main attractions, coffee shops where marijuana is legally sold.

She has sent a proposal to the city council for discussion with city officials in the coming month, according to a statement on the official website of the Amsterdam municipality.

The city councilwoman’s plan has also been supported by the Amsterdam prosecutor’s office and the police, NOS news reports.

Halsema points out that the number of coffee shops in the city has decreased from 283 to 166 over the last twenty years, but the demand for light drugs has increased. The so-called cannabis tourists have contributed significantly to this, she says.

The Mayor of Amsterdam argues that such travellers cause resentment among locals, and the city needs tourists who are interested in the cultural heritage of the Netherlands, not those who come to « hang around drunk and stoned ».

Halsema noted that if the initiative is approved by the municipality, it « will not be implemented tomorrow »: according to the mayor, the plan could take up to a year to implement.


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