Airbus Regrets US Decision to Retain Tariffs Against EU

The aircraft manufacturer Airbus has expressed regret over the US decision to maintain counter-duties against the EU in the company’s case, Reuters reported, citing a statement from Airbus spokesman.

Earlier, the office of US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer announced that the counter-duties against the EU in the Airbus case were retained. The measures will continue to cover $ 7.5 billion in trade per year, and duties will be the previous 15% for aircraft and 25% for other products.

« Airbus deeply regrets that, despite recent actions by Europe to achieve full compliance, the US Trade Representative has decided to maintain duties on Airbus aircraft, especially at a time when aviation and other sectors are experiencing an unprecedented crisis, » the company said in a statement.

In a statement, Airbus also expressed its hope that Europe « will respond appropriately to protect its interests and the interests of European companies, including Airbus, affected by the duties. »

Last year, the WTO allowed the United States to impose duties on the import of goods from the EU at $ 7.5 billion a year as part of a case for EU subsidies for Airbus. In July of this year, Airbus agreed with the governments of France and Spain to amend the Returned Initial Investment (RLI) contracts for the A350 aircraft program.

After that, the European Commission announced that now the EU fully complies with the decisions of the World Trade Organization on subsidies. The EC called on the United States to remove duties on the export of goods from the European Union, since this agreement removes the grounds for such American tariffs.


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