African Swine Fever Virus Threatens Meat Market In Estonia

The epidemic of African swine fever virus (ASFV) in China has had an impact on the Estonian market. Purchase prices for pork meat have risen markedly and may rise even more, the Estonian broadcasting portal ERR reported.

If the PRC authorities fail to curb the ASF virus and restore production to the same level, then pork meat can jump in price even more, ERR notes.

« We are talking about increasing the purchase price by 40%, and if we are talking about raw materials for sausages, then prices have increased by 50% compared to the beginning of the year. China has begun to actively buy up to fill the pork deficit not to leave its citizens without their favorite dishes. pork in Europe. This has affected the rise in prices in European countries, » Anne Mere, chairman of the Estonian meat processing company HKScan Estonia, told ERR.

In recent months, there has been an acute shortage of pork on the domestic market of China due to an outbreak of ASF in various regions of the country, with which the authorities cannot yet cope. In order to overcome this crisis, the authorities have already auctioned frozen pork from national stocks, as well as increased purchases in other countries, including the United States. According to statistics released on Tuesday, pork in annual terms rose by almost 70% in September alone.


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