23 Die In Norway After Pfizer Vaccine Shot

Experts in Norway are investigating causes of death of 23 people who died after they were vaccinated against the coronavirus, the Norwegian Agency for Medicines said.

« Twenty-three vaccination-related deaths have been recorded. Thirteen of them are currently being studied. Common side effects may have contributed to a more serious course of existing diseases in the elderly, » the report said.

Each such case is being scrutinized, the agency said. The National Institutes of Health has slightly changed its recommendations for vaccinating older patients with serious medical conditions.

Vaccination against coronavirus in Norway with Pfizer vaccines began on December 27; the first vaccinations were given to inhabitants of homes for the elderly in Oslo. More than 25,000 people have been vaccinated so far.

As NRK TV company noted with reference to the agency, all the cases occurred among those over eighty years old who suffered from other diseases.

source: nrk.no

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